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A little about me I have done many things in my life. I was born in Vernon. watched the moon landing on a black and white TV in my moms and my mobile home in Kelowna when I was about 4 years old. I lived in Washington state when I was 5 until i was about 7 and then we moved to Vernon, then Lavington then Vernon then Lumby. I went to elementary school and Highschool there. Except for a brief year and a half when I went to Langley for Grade 9 and some of grade 10. I worked in Lumby during High school in my grandfather's gravel business and at his mechanics shop cleaning and doing the stuff nobody else wanted to do. I also worked at the Lucky Dollar grocery store after school for about a year. I worked a lot during high school I needed to in order to afford my 1969 Acadian it was a terrible car that cost a fortune to keep on the road.


After Highschool, I went to work for the family business in Calgary selling Stucco and landscape products in our store. I eventually moved to Langley and worked at a bar and then as a DJ in a few Bars in the lower mainland. I also worked for Heritage Office furniture in Vancouver part time. I did some extra work in TV productions like 21 Jump Street and Macgyver thought I might try being an actor but I kind of sucked at it. I did a few other things here and there got married moved to Armstrong had a small personal watercraft rental business on OK Lake and then bought a small sign and printing company. Sold that, went to school for Computer network engineering in Kelowna got divorced.


I have traveled a little at last count I have been to 11 Countries not including airports I have landed in :) .  I have seen how people live in very poor countries (Laos) And fairly affluent countries (Japan). It can make you really appreciate what you have when you see people who have basically nothing. I also have experienced the honesty of people who have very little. When I was in Thailand I went to a place called Songkhla. I was invited to go to a community fair with about 6 locals. It was pretty tame compared to what we have here but I got inside a cage with a 20 foot python and held it, was pretty interesting. On my way I purchased a few trinkets to take home and dropped some local currency maybe 20 dollars worth in CAD. Was enough to buy dinner for 10 in Thailand. A young girl maybe 12 saw it fall, picked it up and chased me for about 30 meters so she could return it, gave a quick bow and disappeared. Not thinking that would happen in most countries but it happened there. I have also been to some not so honest places (Nicaragua) was fortunate nothing bad happened but was warned all the time not to go anywhere dark and quiet. Peru can be a little scary to if you wander out of the tourist areas, when in Cusco don't get talked into seeing the Jaguar Painting they get you away from everyone and mug you, glad I heard about it instead of experiencing it. 


Worked in Kelowna for a while then moved to Vancouver and worked downtown running a large computer network for a company in the Bentall Towers. I moved to Kelowna and began Stock trading for a company called Swift Trade which I did for a while until I bought a Bar in Salmon Arm, which I ran for a few years and then eventually sold. I decided to travel a bit and while in South America met my future wife in Ecuador. I came back to Kelowna and worked for Swift Trade again and decided to get married. In order for this to happen I had to move to Ecuador and thought I might stay there. I could continue with my Stock Trading and all would be good. Really started to miss Kelowna and after a year I convinced my wife, we should move to Canada, so we did. I applied to have my wife come and we had to fill out the paperwork and wait a long time.


We did everything legally and it was involved. We landed in Edmonton on I believe December 18th, 2008, in what looked like a blizzard I thought my wife was gonna fall over when she saw all the snow. We caught our next flight to Kelowna and eventually got situated in Vernon. We stayed there for a while and then moved to Kelowna where i worked for H&R Block doing computer stuff as well as a doing computer upgrades etc. for various banks all over BC. I then worked at Shaw Cable in the tech support dept and eventually found my way to the Oilfields as a heavy equipment operator. Last but not least I became a real estate agent working here in Kelowna. I am currently living in Kelowna with my wife and my 2 youngest children 11 and 8 years old.

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