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Education in our province has really deteriorated over the years. Teachers now have 6 Professional development days per year that's one every 6 weeks or so. Mandatory hours of instruction for elementary students in BC is a minimum of 848 per year. Compare that to Quebec about 900+ hours per year and the rest of the Provinces that clock in for 945 up to 955 but most are at 950 hours. That is about 10% less instructional time per year. In Japan they are about 1015 + per year and in China it is closer to 1500 hours. I don't know if we need to keep our kids in school for as long as China does but if we want to compete on the world stage we better at least be doing the same as the other provinces in Canada. We are spending much of this time on things that are not important to our children's education. My wife is an educator and we believe we need to get rid of SOGI completely. So much so that in the last municipal election she ran to be a school trustee. SOGI was and is a bad for our educational system and children in my opinion. I would propose that we ban any type of symbolism that has to do with any type of social Agenda that advocates for anything not explicitly approved by the public even if a referendum is needed. I understand that would be expensive, however I can't think of anything much more important than the future of our children. We aren't allowed to teach Religion in public school  and I believe that SOGI has become a pseudo religion and any iconography that advocates for it should not be allowed on public school property. If someone wants to start a private school using that as a way to attract and enroll students then that would be fine with me. Lets see how that works out. It is my understanding that teachers are not allowed to teach a particular religion in public school in BC and that only strictly secular instruction is allowed. So if we are going to stop religion in public schools ok. Then no more SOGI symbolism. full stop.

I believe that all students should feel welcomed and accepted in school. I also believe that beyond basic teachings of morality (don't hit, don't lie, be respectful, etc.) teachers need to stay away from the rest. Teaching the biology of sexual reproduction is fine at the appropriate age. Teaching birth control at the appropriate age might be necessary as well. But teaching it is ok to have sex as long as you use birth control is not. The decision to engage in acts of sex and with whom is not for the classroom. Parents have not only the right but the duty to instill in their children what they believe are important morals and whether to and at what age they begin exploring their sexuality is a discussion for family not strangers. I will not tolerate some 25 year old teacher telling my 14 year old son or daughter how great masturbation is. Or handing them a book and watching them read it and then " answering questions". That has not been and should never be appropriate and I will fight to rid our public education system of that. Just like Muslim parents have the right to not have a teacher preaching Christianity to their child at public school we as parents have the right to say no to what we believe is objectional, we don't need to justify it, we are our children's parents not the state.

Lets concentrate on getting our proficiency in Math, language skills and science up. lets challenge our children, instill a sense of competition as well as cooperation in our kids. get them involved in sports and extracurricular activities when possible. Stop teachers from indoctrinating our kids to whatever philosophy the teacher has. Strictly secular is fine keeping in mind that it doesn't have to have a religious symbol painted on it to be sectarian. Many would argue politics is becoming more like a religion everyday. Lets keep it all out of the public school system, let kids be kids.

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