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Public Washrooms ,Change Rooms, and Child Safety

We have a problem in our country. That has become very evident when we only need to look to Vernon and we see a 50 year old biological Male allowed to use a Public Change room to change in front of 14 year old girls. When a judge says this is OK we as parents know that things must change. The problem seems to have started when our language began to be perverted and things like the word Gender became somehow subjective. When you can simply state you are either a male or female and we somehow have to accept that as fact this leads to a very bad place. When a 40 year old male decides to simply state he is only “13 years old” and should be allowed to have physical relations with another  “13 year old” then what? This is dangerous, how long before an angry parent decides they need to protect their children which is not only their right but there obligation. Someone could easily end up hurt or worse.

What should happen is simple, the judge should be gone. Our society is supposed to protect the most vulnerable, I believe in this case the 2 unaccompanied 14 year olds qualify and not the 50 year old man. The man should be arrested and charged with an indecent act. He should go to court and should be punished, monetarily or with restrictions on his freedom. Not able to be around children, jail time, parole etc. Now that's what should have happened. However that didn't happen the judge decided the 50 year old mans rights to expose himself in a Female only place were more important. The weak excuse that there are privacy stalls doesn't stand up to the lightest scrutiny. How does a privacy stall protect a 14 year old she still has to walk through the change room where a man can simply wait until she is there and then expose himself. So the judges reasoning is flawed and quiet frankly just stupid.  It seems our judiciary has  been corrupted by the woke mob and now we need to find away around this perversion of our language and our laws.


I believe there is a solution. One that would eventually be tested in court, but is simple enough. Change the law so that all publicly available washrooms and change rooms are no longer “gender” based but are based on a person’s genitalia. I believe that cannot be subjective. If you have an inny you go to that washroom if you have an outty then that one. We may need to come up with other pictograms but it should solve the problem. I am sure some liberal will challenge it and say that infringes on the rights of blah, blah, blah. It is obvious that the rights of children don’t matter anymore but people engaging in deviant sexual behavior, their rights are far more important then everyone else's.  


If that gets thrown out then we pass a public decency law that states that there is to be no public nudity in publicly accessible washrooms or change rooms. That means every change room needs to have privacy stalls and everyone over the age of 5 or there abouts, must use them. If you don’t then we can figure out the penalties. We can start with 2 or 3 thousand dollar fine and go from there or maybe start with jail and go from there, a great question to ask the people of BC.


When they start bending the meaning of things and using that as a cudgel to make you accept things that aren’t acceptable then we need to do the same thing make definitions that can’t be challenged and codify that into our laws, write the definitions into law so they can’t be changed when they become inconvenient.


I am sure things would eventually be tested in court like I mentioned but last I checked you can’t engage in acts of indecency in public. So lets define exactly what qualifies as indecent. Genitals cannot be uncovered in public that is indecent. Define what is public that means any areas where people of any age can gain entrance to with or without paying. If the minimum age is 19 for entry then it is not considered public and the owners or operators of those establishments need to say what is ok and what is not. If we don’t want people doing certain things in front of other people regardless of age then write that into law. While we are at it make the display of Sex toys in public indecent as well. Then define what a sex toy is. I know that common sense should dictate what is appropriate and what isn’t but when that part of our society breaks down it is time to write it all down and spell it out. I read a safety label on a car battery that said not to drink the fluid inside because it is dangerous. Maybe we really need to spell it out, as a society with all the information and knowledge available at our fingertips we don’t seem to be getting any smarter, as a matter of fact it seems to be the opposite.

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