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Getting Things Done

As a MLA I will be required to work with the other MLAs in order to accomplish things. At the end of the day however I will always ask is what we are doing in the best interests of the productive and law abiding residents of BC.

When I took over my businesses I needed to make them profitable. I did this by asking questions and listening to my customers and providing what they wanted, I didn’t tell them what they needed. In my business I figured out the best way to give it to them. New machinery, faster with a quick turnaround. Or improve service by making changes to the physical layout of the business. Then streamline and simplify everything for employees to make them more productive. Constant retuning with incremental changes. Think of an asteroid crashing into earth a small nudge by mars, and it misses. Wait until it is beside the moon and the effort is 10000 times more to accomplish the same thing. This method is simple and obvious but you still need to do the work not just talk about it. I will do the work. As a MLA I can ask that we intervene early, ask the people doing the work for ideas. Reward good suggestions, empower employees, they will thrive and be happier and more productive.

As a MLA I need to look at the residents of BC as if they are an investment client. They invest their money (taxes) and time in BC hoping to reap the benefits in services and amenities and a great quality of life. If we don’t provide good return on investment then they will go somewhere else and if too many leave the money will dry up and the services will go away and more will leave, a downward spiral. As an investment client they also have final word on where their money should be invested so residents are both the customer and the boss, remember MLAs work for YOU.

We can break problems down into component parts, pick things apart and look at small changes, try them and see how it goes. Look out for unintended consequences. Move onto the next part. I call it incrementalism. That is what I have done and it has served me very well. Is it the only strategy? Of course not, but it is one that can pay great dividends. It is time to encourage MLAs to look at the systems and rules we have in place and to ask the simple question does it serve the best interests of British Columbians, if the answer is no then we need to change or modify it so that it does.  Sometimes the systems or rules are simply unworkable and need to be replaced or simply removed. Carbon Tax is one that needs to go. The Emergencies act needs to be rewritten to the point that it won't be recognizable as it is now. We need rules for when govt needs to act quickly in case of an emergency i get that, but shouldn't we start by narrowly defining what an emergency is? If not one day some politician is going to be stuck in traffic one to many times and decide your house needs to be flattened so he has a shortcut to work. Don't laugh the way things have been heading it might happen. Bill 36 with the medical colleges needs to be repealed and put it back the way it was. then we can take a hard look to see if there are ways to improve things. If it ain't broke don't fix it. This changing things just to change things is wasteful and quiet frankly seems to be away to slowly set things up for more government control. No wonder no one trusts the government i don't think they have earned any trust in the last several years. Bill 22 Freedom of information making it more difficult for people to get government documents. As far as I am concerned all government docs that can be accessed by freedom of information requests should already be accessible. Problem solved. If it isn't there either justify it as a breach of privacy or it is necessary because of legal reasons or strategy important to BC Residents. If Someone takes it to court and they get access then pay the persons legal fees because you made a wrong call. Again Simple. Stop trying to hide from your boss it isn't like you are sneaking a look at your phone when you are at work, we are talking about the people being able to see what there ELECTED representatives are doing in their name. The provincial government is not there to serve any interest other than that of British Columbians, full stop. They aren’t here to placate the Global Order, Climate criers or other special interest groups, they should only be serving the residents of BC. This means we as the residents get to see what they are doing. Bill 35 overreach on what people and local governments get say about what we can do with our property. I get there needs to be rules about short term rentals but the Provincial government making them, No way every region and area has special circumstances and requirements let them deal with it locally. If people don't like the rules they can vote the local leaders out of office.  Bill 47 overriding Local Governments' ability to control housing in their communities repeal it. Bill 15 Using a UN declaration and trying to give it power to effect what happens in Canada, repeal it.

One of the things I believe is if you aren’t going to do a job well then don’t do it. We need to make sure we have the right people doing the job well if not then replace the people. “Do or not do, there is no try” I think is the line. I believe my unique experiences and diverse training will allow me to serve the residents of BC and especially those in Kelowna Centre very well and I ask you to give me the opportunity.

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